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Adding Injury to Insult: How Should We Handle Insults to Islam?

Omar Offendum & Dr. Maher Hathout

Hip-hop artist Omar Offendum joins Dr. Maher Hathout for a timely discussion on the current state of affairs of the Muslim global community. In the wake of protests in 23 countries that have taken at least 50 lives to date, they tackle the following questions:

      How did one video manage to wreak so much havoc among Muslims around the world?
      What are we supposed to do as Muslims in the face of hate and insult?
      How can we harness the strong emotions we feel in a productive way?
      What is the place of art in dealing with such challenges?

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About our guest

Omar Offendum began his career as part of the N.O.M.A.D.S duo, with fellow artist Mr Tibbz. He subsequently became active in a number of fundraising and community education projects, including co-producing the Free the P mixtape, participating in the “Arab Summit” project and becoming involved with Nomadic Wax‘ schools tours. In an attempt to bridge the divide between Western and Arabic culture and provide and understanding between the two cultures, he translates classic Arabic poetry into English and vice versa.


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