Chapter “with Dr. Wayel Azmeh”

Extremism: What is it & why should I care?


In an age of near constant news about people who use violence as a means of making a political or social statement, what kinds of extremism should we worry about? In this episode, Ohio-based community activist and physician, Dr. Wayel Azmeh joins Dr. Hathout to discuss the relationship between extremism and violence, the danger of compulsion itself, and how we maintain our safety and well-being. As Dr. Hathout says, the battle of ideas is our battle and we should spare no effort in winning this battle because if we don’t, we will never be able to get rid of or minimize terrorist acts.

Quotable Quotes

  1. “Compulsion is an act of violence – psychological violence.”
  2. “We see extremists in every religion and in no religion.”
  3. “Religion is a boy scout in the school of violence, and it is not the culprit some would like it to be.”
  4. “The battle of ideas to recapture the spirit of Islam is our battle.”
  5. “We have the elements of success in Islam, but are we choosing the route of success of the route of failure?”

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