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The Origins & History of Hadith (1 of 2)

Based on a listener request, this is the first of two episodes of StraightTalk which focus on hadith and sunna, the body of literature that documents the sayings and actions by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Dr. Maher Hathout and StraightTalk producer Maha Awad dive into the meaning and origins of hadith, knowing how to spot weak or problematic hadith and understanding how to translate the lessons from the Prophet’s life and character to our lives today.

Here’s just a taste of the questions they explore:

  • When did the Prophet first come to life for you?
  • Do you think the Prophet’s way of life is truly timeless, and how do we bring him into the present world?
  • Can a hadith abrogate or supercede the Quran?
  • Why didn’t the Prophet want the hadith written down?
  • When were the hadith documented, verified and preserved?

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About our guest

Arab-American TV host, producer and media consultant with over 15 years experience in front of and behind the camera in culturally diverse environments. Maha built her name through her unique blend of natural on-camera personality and proven production business savvy, in addition to an extensive knowledge of Middle East entertainment industry. Most recently, she was in NYC as Project Manager on the strategic media consulting campaign for TLC’s groundbreaking reality series All-American Muslim.

Before returning to the US at the end of ‘07, she was simultaneously balancing TV celebrity and Network Executive in the Arab entertainment world as Head of TV Production at MazzikaTV and Zoom, two of the Middle East’s leading music and entertainment channels and the “face of Zoom”, hosting two of the hippest international music and entertainment shows in the Arab world. Throughout her life, Maha’s had a passion for TV and media. She is currently a freelance producer and consultant based in LA is always searching for the next exciting project to bridge the gap between her two worlds.


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