Chapter “with guest Dr. John Esposito”

Reform, Relevance & the Future of Islam

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Dr. John Esposito – a pioneer in the field of Islamic studies – joins Dr. Maher Hathout to answer the question “What is the future of Islam?” In this fast-paced 20-minute conversation, the two pioneering American thinkers talk about the meaning of reform, and how intensified world events are forcing even traditional voices to adapt in order to stay relevant.


2 Responses to “Reform, Relevance & the Future of Islam”

  1. zahir ahmed March 17, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    The reforms must be listed in details. What parts of Islam need to be reformed. Islam has lots of elasticity built in. [Known as IJTEHAD]
    The reform on some specific issues may not be necessary due to the
    presence of Ijtehad. The Muslims in USA or in the world, unfortunately
    have left the TRUE ISLAMIC idealogy!!! For example, most of the American Muslims I see in conferences wear long JUBBA [dress], a cap
    and a beard!!! They look like Indians or Arabs or Pakistanis in their dress. Why they cannot put an American suite instead and show that they are a part of the American society in culture?? Islam has NO restrictions on dress!!! Like this there are hundreds of activities and beleifs which do not really belong to the true Islam. If you need to explore this issue you may call me at 310-626-6222 . Please DO visit the above websites for extensive information about my work and approach to solve the issues. Thanks ZAHIR AHMED

  2. munira April 18, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    thank you Dr. Esposito and Dr. Hathout for an intelligent and scholarly discussion. I loved it!

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