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True Love: More Than Lust & Sex

True Love: More Than Lust & Sex

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, this episode focuses on love – love of oneself, love of others and love of the community. Joining Dr. Maher Hathout for this new episode is Nagwa Ibrahim, a lawyer and filmmaker who focuses on telling multi-dimensional human interest stories.

Their candid conversation centers around a quote from Dr. Hathout: “Love is that soft and durable cement that glues us together and to God.” Love is not one thing, it is complex and the sum of many layers. Rather than confusing love and lust, we need to return to the deeper bedrock of love, which are mercy and compassion.

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About Nagwa Ibrahim
Nagwa is an attorney who specializes in immigration law and criminal defense. Through her work as a lawyer and her love of travel, she’s learned how extraordinary the human experience is. This inspired her to become a filmmaker and launch WitNas Productions utilizing visual media to tell the multidimensional stories of humanity to connect us beyond borders.


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