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Can Women Lead Prayer & Marry Outside Their Faith?

Jihad Turk

Bayan Claremont Dean Jihad Turk returns to StraightTalk to continue a timely and hot set of topics about Muslim women. From leading prayer to marrying outside of Islam, what does the Quran and Islamic history tell us is permissible and, beyond that, is it wise to do so? In Dr. Hathout’s words, the central question here is, “What is good for the Muslim community?” Plus, they explore the necessity for institutions of higher education where emerging leaders can apply critical thought to the issues and challenges facing our communities.

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One Response to “Can Women Lead Prayer & Marry Outside Their Faith?”

  1. Shams Ghoneim May 18, 2014 at 11:57 am #

    So many thanks to Dr.Hathout and Dean Turk for this timely Podcast discussion. May Allah Taalla reward you both. My prayers and thoughts and so many thanks to our beloved Dr. Hathout.

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